Ella Rose Cakes: The Blog

It’s about time I added this blog to my website because if I’m not baking it or eating it, I’m talking about cake!

This part of Ella Rose Cakes is a virtual cup-of-tea, piece-of-cake, chat-with-friends kind of blog. I’ll keep things short and sweet and easy to read as you bite into that chocolate brownie or lemon drizzle and scroll down over my musings.

My aim is to write helpful and interesting blogs for anyone planning a wedding, growing a business, or those who just likes a slice of cake now and then. Blogs will be published to my website twice a month and be a mixture of opinions, advice, inspiration and collaboration.

I’ve already got my ‘Blog Log’ full of ideas to write about, but to make it easier for you, my blog posts will fall into a few categories:

  • Friday Five – features and recommendations focusing on the things I like and are worth sharing with you. From wedding trends to flavours, from venues to rings, you’ll find my #FridayFive right here each month

  • Weddings Wins – whilst every wedding is different, lots of the worries are similar. These blogs will help blast the wedding woes away with top tips and advice from the experts

  • Cake Life – an opportunity to share a few behind the scenes stories at Ella Rose Cakes and what it takes to run a cake making business in Surrey and the truth behind this #cakelife of mine

  • Collaborations – showcase series featuring the talented friends I’ve made in the wonderful world of weddings. Meet planners, photographers, makeup artists and more in these guest blogs and interviews

Leave a comment or send me a message with what else you’d like to hear about, but please bear with me, after all, I’m a cake maker, not a writer.

~ Ella