What to Ask Your Wedding Cake Designer

You’re engaged, yay!

You’ve got the big things booked, double yay!

And now you’ve got some epic #weddingcakegoals you want to achieve and want to find a wedding cake designer to make your cake dreams come true?

The chances are you’ve not ordered a wedding cake before, or ever used a cake designer so it’s perfectly normal to not really know what to ask when you find one.

Whether you meet your wedding cake maker in person or you just discuss your wedding cake design via email, it is important to ask the right questions! So here is my quick guide on the questions you should be asking your cake maker…

What to Ask at a Wedding Fair

Can you make the cake of my dreams – in design and flavour?

You will notice from a wedding cake stand at a fair, the signature style, range of designs and decoration abilities. They will be showcasing their best cakes. If your dream cake is a little off piste then it is definitely worth asking if they could accommodate your particular wedding cake design. Hopefully there will be taster portions too, so it’s a great time to discuss potential flavours and ask if they have a full menu you can tantalise your taste buds with. If you are known for having expensive taste (literally), you should also ask if any of the flavours come with an additional cost, so you aren’t shocked when you are sent a quote!

Can you create a cake that fits with dietary requirements?

This is a really important questions if you or your guests have any allergies to certain ingredients such as gluten, dairy, eggs or nuts. Most wedding cake makers will be able to accommodate a range of dietary requirements but you’ll need to note that there still might be traces of allergens unless they are a pure allergen free baker.

Photography: Maya Kemp Photography

What to Ask When You Request a Quote

Are you available on our wedding date, and able to travel to the venue?

Suppliers can get booked up well in advance, so ensure, as early as possible, that your dream cake maker has availability on your wedding date before you get too far down the booking process. To avoid disappointment book at least 6 months in advance. It’s also worth mentioning where your wedding venue is in order to check their ability to travel and deliver your wedding cake - they may be delivering multiple cakes on the day of your wedding so the location will really impact their availability.

Who will set up my cake on the day, and is there an additional charge?

Most wedding cake makers will personally deliver wedding cakes to ensure their safe arrival and set up is complete in accordance with your design, however it’s still worth asking. Check how long will they be at the venue for on the day and what time they will need access from?

Photography: Lisa Payne Photography

What to Ask When You Are About To Book

How much deposit do you take and when are the payments due?

It’s a great idea to get really clear on any payment plans on offer and the dates for each of the payment you will need to make. Understand before you sign the contract, what is payable and when. It’s also worth asking what is refundable (if anything) in case your plans change.

My decoration includes fresh flowers, will you work with the florist directly?

Presumably by this point you have agreed on your wedding cake design and decoration. As is a popular trend, the use of fresh flowers will mean they might be working with your florist or sourcing them directly. Either way fresh flowers should be properly prepared to be placed on your wedding cake to avoid contamination. You want to be reassured your wedding cake designer will liaise with your florist directly about the preparation and set up on the day.

Photography: Megan McAdam Photography

What to Ask the Week of Your Wedding

Have the cake topper and additional decorations arrived?

If you have sourced your own cake topper or any non-edible decorations and posted them to your wedding cake designer in advance of your big day, check they are arrived safely. Alternatively you should confirm where (or with whom) you’ll be leaving these items at the venue the morning of your wedding so they can be located and added to your wedding cake without issue.

Do you provide a cake stand and cake knife for the official cutting?

You will likely have discussed these elements before and many cake makers don’t rent stands or knives, but they can often be hired from your wedding venue. If your cake maker is providing them then ask about any additional deposit and the process for returning items. If your venue is providing them, then you should check the size of the stand is sufficient for your wedding cake.

Photography: Thomas William

You may have more questions for your wedding cake designer than the ones I’ve listed above which is great! Don’t feel uncomfortable about asking, your wedding cake maker is the expert and should be happy to help.

But don’t forget your wedding cake designer will have some questions for you too! Stay tuned for my upcoming blog on what your cake designer is going to ask you!!!

- Ella